Wolverine Inferno Premium gen 2

Wolverine Inferno Premium gen 2

  • Why are you putting out another new product so soon after HYDRA?

    We aren’t. HYDRA and Inferno are two halves of one complete, modular product line. HYDRA and Inferno have 90% identical and interchangeable components. The only difference is that HYDRA has a more advanced front cylinder that allows for use with offset nozzles while Inferno has a simpler front that only works with straight nozzles.

    Does Inferno use SMP nozzles or HYDRA nozzles?

    The Inferno uses straight HYDRA nozzles.

    Is there any way I can make Inferno work with offset nozzles?

    Yes! This is where the modular design comes into play. If you purchase the HYDRA front end separately and put it on the Inferno, it will now accept either straight or offset nozzles!

    So does this mean you are getting rid of the SMP?

    No. The SMP is a fantastic design with a great deal of community support and following. We plan to continue making the SMP for the foreseable future.

    So what’s with Spartan Edition?

    First watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RE-vzapF- lc

    Spartan edition is the base model offering for the modular Inferno/HYDRA product line. It offers a system that has a 100% fully featured Inferno cylinder but with more robust simplified electronics that use Wolverine Airsoft’s proprietary Live Fire Tuning™. This both reduces the cost to entry into the HPA market and offers a perfect platform to build on. That means you could start with an Inferno: Spartan Edition and upgrade it all the way to function the same as a bluetooth HYDRA. But you can upgrade those features one at a time as you have need for them.

    How can you offer Spartan Edition so cheap? Seems to good to be true.

    It does. But it isn’t. We simply reduced the cost and complexity of manufacturing the system and passed those savings on to our customers.