VR16 - Stinger 2 - PDW - AEG

Available 15/11/17



VFC VR16 Stinger 2 PDW AEG is a distinctively airsoft-only weapon that has but only one purpose- Close Range Destruction. This is a terrific contender to all the other Stubby M4s!

Even in this tiny form factor, the Baby Monster can in fact engage with torso-sized targets out 25-30 feet very accurately without a flinch - perfect for CQB. The ROF is very fast at 20 rounds per second with a 7.4v


Lipo but surely tuners out there can make this a spray-and-pray special. 

VFC Stinger 2 PDW AEG includes:

  • Extra Short 3-4" Full Metal Rail System with AAC Flash Hider (Black / CCW)
  • Full Metal Body
  • Standard Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Rear Wired Battery Connector in stock
  • Spring Type Mid-Cap Magazine 130 Rounds Capacity (no winding necessary) 

VR16 - Stinger 2 - PDW - AEG