TM VSR Upgrade Services (Sniper One)

ASPUK Custom Built Upgrade Service Includes,


Sniper One Upgrade set is brought to you by ASPUK with The very well know British Sniper Sgt Dan Mills 

Sniper One Upgrade package uncludes:

- Sniper One 90 Degree zero trigger set 
- 90 Degree piston Machined to the highest standards with hardended steel sear catch and high quality Teflon guide rings 
- M150 Spring, which has been oil tempered and finished to the highest standards with a gold like coating 
- Black Coated Steel Cylinder 
- Advanced stainless Steel Cylinder Head with sobo pad manufactured By ASPUK right here in the stell city of sheffield 

- Stainless steel Bearing Spring Guide 
- ASPUKs very own Stainless Steel Type B Hop Lever Hop Lever again Manufactured right here in Sheffield 

- ASPUKs specail sercret Hop Bucking 
- PTFE Tape Mod Hop Bucking onto Barrel
- PTFE Tape Cylinder Head Thread

- Stainless steel 6.03mm Tight bore barrel 

BB Weight to use: 0.32 to 0.45g

Service, Labour and Return 48hr Postage

All Upgrades Also include an ASPUKs Personalized Service Record Book,

TM VSR Upgrade Services (Sniper One)

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