Snow wolf M24 EZ Trigger

This high quality trigger set is dedicated for Sbow wold M24 and Cyma 702

Durable and reliable trigger mechanism is basic premise for a successful upgrade sniper rifle. Stock supplied trigger mechanism is sufficient for basic springs. But when you use stronger springs, significantly increases possibility of the damage. Unfortunately you can`t avoid this even with cheap alloy triggers. Only steel machined mechanism can ensure the greatest durability.

We also developed own technical solutions and components. For example, construction of the trigger, bearing, location of springs, etc... This decision is purely practical, because it is the basic and most stressed three parts (piston catch, lever and the spring guide stopper).


Snow wolf M24 EZ Trigger

SKU: 5840
  • Body made by CNC machining from light, but durable aluminum alloy 6061-T6.


    Aluminum parts with high quality anodized finish.


    Piston catch, lever and the spring guide stopper are made of steel and hardened to HRC48-55.


    Piston is made from Aluminium with Steel Piston Catch.


    The top of the trigger is equiped with ball bearing for the smoother trigger press.


    Axis are made of stainless steel.


    Two torsional springs safety returns catch to the original position.


    Whole trigger is made of 24 parts.


    Tested on springs up to M190.


    Allows to use safety lever.


    Trigger Pull = Easy to Medium (can vary from rifle to rifle).


    NOTE: Some minor modification may be required when installing.


    Partial technical solutions are protected by copyright!