S trigger MCM700x

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S-trigger MCM700x


  • 90° trigger system for the Ares MCM700x

  • Durable, robust 90° design prepared for strongest upgrades

  • Designed and manufactured in Slovak Republic

  • ALL Stainless steel construction ( including fasteners, axles and springs )

  • Mounting blocks are made out of brass on a precision CNC machines

  • Individual components for the trigger are cut by CNC operated laser cutting machine. Then finished by drilling, tapping, reaming and polishing

  • The piston catch sear, the trigger sear, the spring guide stopper sear and the internal function sear are heat treated ( hardened )

  • Polished contact points to ensure smooth trigger pull

  • Piston catch is returned into the original position by one extension spring

  • One double torsion spring is ensuring the trigger sear returning.

  • Easy DROP-IN installation, no modification of the gun is needed. No brass block removing from the trigger before install

  • Preserved safety function ( use safety lever from original trigger unit )

  • Optimized trigger pull                                                                                                  ( apx. 0,5 lb with M130 spring and 1 lb with M165 spring installed )

  • Adjustable trigger OVER-TRAVEL

  • Weight: 108 grams

  • Tested up to M190 spring.

  • Spare parts available

  • All triggers are tested on gun before shipping

  • Package includes S-trigger MCM700x, two screws for mounting to the receiver and one screw and brass cylinder for the safety lever install.

S trigger MCM700x