L96 Metal Hop Lever (Colour may vary)
So, you have a "broken" hop. The levers in stock Well / Warrior L96 hop units are plastic and very easily broken rendering your rifle pretty much usless. This is a known problem with these rifles.

Well, not any more!

This is a direct aluminium based replacement for the stock lever with slight modification of the prongs.

No need to split or sell your rifle - just get one of these and your sorted!

This will fit the Well, Maruzen, Mauser Warrior L96 Rifles MB-01, MB-04, MB-05, MB-06 and MB-08.

It will not fit the DE M57 (usually two tone orange) or ASG AW.308 (same rifle, re-branded). These rifles have unique hop units with longer levers. There are no direct replacements. Best bet is to replace the hop unit completely.

L96 Metal Hop Lever (Colour may vary)

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