Hybrid Silencer 310 x 55mm

There are many airsoft silencers on the market. They are quite common accessories. However, if you have a sniper rifle, it is almost impossible to find a silencer that does not look appropriate on your robust sniper rifle.

Therefore, we bring you a new product. A robust hybrid silencer. Length is 31 cm with a diameter of 5.5 cm. It's all manufactured on CNC machines from aluminum alloy with a weight of 420 grams. They offer scratch resistance and not just not sprayed on paint as another cheap silencers, but deep chemically blackened.

An interesting feature is the method of installation. In the box you will find the silencer fitted with two metal caps. Both has 14mm CCW thread inside. It is suitable for the most airsoft guns or adaptors. Caps are interchangeable. One of the cap has engraved text "Front Toward Enemy".


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Hybrid Silencer 310 x 55mm

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  • Because this method can extend the length of the rifle, you can use another method of installation. In the box you find third metal cap. It has a large hole in the middle with a rubber seal. Replace the back cap on the silencer and the whole dressing up through the barrel of your rifle. Silencer is screwed on the front cap. Rear cap then using tight o-rings which holds silencer axis of the barrel. 

    In the box you will find two o-rings for centering the outer barrel (higher is already inserted in the cap). In some cases it is appropriate before fitting the inner ring lubricated with silicone oil.


    The silencer is suitable for all guns with 14 mm left-hand ccw thread at the end of the barrel, or the optional adapter. For over barrel installation has to be diameter of the barrel in the range of 25-30 mm.


    If your rifle does not have a 14 mm thread at the end of the barrel, you'll need a silencer adapter adapter.