DTD MK23 Socom Retention Holster

This 3D printed locking holster is perfect for intense fire fights, house to house engagements and even keeps your sidearm safe in a belly crawl. The ASG MK23 holster allows for a quick draw with or without a silencer. You can release your sidearm using a simple thumb button that disengages the self locking system. This ensures you keep one hand free during both holstering and upholstering of your TM and ASG MK23. The holster has also been designed to eliminate rattle so that your enemy only knows your there when you want them to. The sturdy built in ratchet system also means you can fit this holster to MOLLE webbing loops and belts.

The holster is made from sturdy plastic to ensure it can stand up to any abuse you throw at it. That way you do not have to worry about your holster when you are diving for cover.

Finally, the holster is designed for a smooth draw even when you have multiple attachments like a suppresser or red dot sight. The gun is help through the trigger guard and on the front of the top slide so your gun can be used in any configuration without fear of being snagged as you draw.

MK23 retention holster system Features.

• Fast thumb release

• Strong rattle free locking system

• Compatible with suppressor, LAM and red dot sights

• Nylon Back plate for multi fitting

• 360 degree adjustable spine system

• Right and left handed versions

DTD MK23 Socom Retention Holster