Double Eagle Tri Shot M63 Special Spring Shotgun

The DE M63

For close-in engagements there is only one choice in the Double Eagle Tri-shot shotgun range. the M63 - Special Spring shotgun. Patterned after Italian special shotguns from the early 90's the M63 combines aggressive and intimidating Italian style with the famed Double Eagle tri-shot system. Perfect for velociraptor hunting or if you are cyborg that has been sent back in time..


Range and spread

Engaging targets at up to 50 foot with a tri-shot spread of BB's at around 270-fps, The M63 is ideally suited for CQB and FIBUA applications. Longer ranges are achievable via lofting rounds onto target, allowing support fire at longer ranges.


Tri shot sytem

The M63 uses the magazine shot shell system. It comes complete with 1 x magazine shot shell holding 30xBB's. On each rack of the pump action, 3 BB's are loaded, and on each trigger pull, 3xBB's are fired!



Type                        Shot Gun

Action                      Pump Action

Magazine capacity           3x10 6mm BB's

Firing system               Tri Shot (3 BB's per trigger pull)

Barrels                     1 Outer barrel 3 x internal barrels

Muzzle Velocity:            ~ 280-FPS

Effective engagement range  ~50 ft

Maximum lofted range        ~100 ft

Length                      780 mm

Weight                      1.94 kgs

Double Eagle Tri Shot M63 Special Spring Shotgun

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