This is the Bronze Grade VSR UPGRADE PACKAGE.


All of our packages include the PTFE Tape Mods so a perfect air seal is obtained.


We Field Test every rifle to ensure they are shooting to their maximum potential, making sure the range is over 80m and is shooting accurately.


All packages have a lifetime parts warranty and a 60 day labour warranty



The Bronze Package includes:


AP - Advanced 90 degree trigger set

AP - Advanced steel piston

AP - Advanced steel baring spring guide

AP - Premium 500 FPS Spring

ASPUK - Steel Cylinder

AP - Cylinder Head

AP - Advanced Type b Hop lever

Frequenty asked questions...



How long does this take?

Usually around 7-10 working days, usually sooner but at busy times it could be upto 14 working days. We like to test each rifle before returning it.


I would like some additional parts installed as part of my upgrade....

That's fine, we'll install anything that's available from our webstore. The additional cost will be that of the parts only. You will not be charged additional labour costs. Simply check the current pricing on our webstore and add it to our upgrade pricing.


Posting my rifle to you.....

Please ensure you used a reliable, 'tracked' service which is insured. We cannot be held responsible if your rifle doesn't appear on our doorstep. Please include a note with agreed upgrade package to be installed along with your contact details and return postal address.