AY Spectre M4 SMG AEG
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AY - Spectre M4 SMG.. A copy of the Italian made RIF used by Italian and Swiss special forces. This Airsoft replica has a real satisfying smack to every shot and you just can't stop using full auto because of it! The sub machine gun / pistol is capable of both Semi and Full auto firing and comes equipped with a 50rnd magazine. Please note though batteries and charger are not included, however the front grip does have a fairly large battery space allowing the SPECTRE M4 to run all day long. On the right hand side you have the safety lever and access to your hop up unit, you do need some small fingers to reach the wheel but does allow for precise hop adjustments. The left hand side features your selector and also a swivel sling point on the rear edge. The rear sight is fixed but the front is adjustable in height. An excellent compact sniper back up or a CQB weapon.
Easy To Manouver
Compact Profile.

AY Spectre M4 SMG AEG