ASPUK - Service inc Return Delivery + Service Book
Service includes 

Strip Down
De-Carbonate Motor
Gear Box Strip down.
Clean and Re-Grease.
Re Shim
Full Gear Box Inspection
Hop Rubber inspection
Re-fit and Align of Hop Unit.
Inner Barrel Clean. 

**The Full check of parts is to insure there is no damage and to prevent any future failures due to worn/damaged parts. If any parts need replacing there is no extra cost for installation just the cost of the extra parts. 

Service Start at the Standard £46.99 including return postage but may included extra costs for parts. If extra parts are needed we will always contact the customer and inform them on the cost of the parts and why they need replacing. All Repairs are completed my trained technicians who also have an ASG Certificate of completion of SERVICE OF GAS AND CO2 AIRSOFT PISTOLS AND AEG RIFLES.

ASPUK - Service inc Return Delivery + Service Book