Advanced Precision Hop Chamber for Snow Wolf M24
HopUp chamber for Snow Wolf M24 sniper rifles.

Used along with an AEG barrel and hop bucking these hop chambers are designed to give more precise hop adjustment and further imporve grouping at range.

The stock hop unit has a known fault wherby the lever is loose and self adjusts and moves about due to the force and vibration when a shot is fired. You'll have no such issues with this chamber.

Adjusting the hop is done by allun key, just like the common MB-01.

Contains internal O- ring for better air seal around cylinder head nozzle.

Includes metal hop lever and metal centre ring to better centrally place the inner barrel during installation.

Optimal barrel length is 487mm or longer, which will pass for example into the silencer. If using a longer barrel than the stock barrel, you will require a silencer adapter fo the barrel to pass through into the silencer.

Made from, CNC production - aluminum alloy 6061 - T6 with red anodized finish .

Hop Up is controlled with 1.5 mm hex wren

Advanced Precision Hop Chamber for Snow Wolf M24

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