A&K Advanced Hop Unit

For A&K Dragunov Rifles.

Owners of this rifle know about the problem with the unstable HopUp performance. So the main target during development was to fix this problem.

- Durable metal body with anodized surface.
- Good HopUp press with the stable BB trajectory.
- Inner barrel fully fixed with three screws.
- Brass barrel center ring keeps inner barrel in axis position.
- Wide span adjustment with the adjust ring (Almost 360°;).

The following shows optimal BBs weight. Based on included bucking.

All tests were done with the AimTop brand bbs.

Spring M130 BBs weight 0,25g to 0,30g

Spring M140 BBs weight 0,28g to 0,33g

Spring M150 BBs weight 0,30g to 0,36g

Spring M160 BBs weight 0,36g to 0,40g

Spring M170 BBs weight 0,40g to 0,43g

A&K Advanced Hop Unit

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  • please see: http://www.airsoftsniperparts.com/akhopi nstallation.htm

    Although this has fitted the King Arms version of the Dragunov in the past we've had recent reports that it does not. Perhaps there's been a version change. Therefore until furter notice we recommend that you do not purchase this unit for the KA version. Suitable only for A&K.