So What is Airsoft 


Airsoft is a competitive team sport in which participants eliminate opposing players with Plastic bbs launched via replica firearms called airsoft guns .

Airsoft is very similar to Paintball but with a few differences 

- Airsoft rifle will shoot much further than a Paintball gun which allows for more immersive game plays and styles. 

- The BB pellets are cheaper than Paintballs which also makes your day out cheaper 

- BBs hurt less than paintballs and at worst leave a red pimple like mark on the skin 

Airsoft can be player by boys and girls from 12 years of age and can be enjoyed by all the family 

We can offer tailor made packages for your birthday party, stag do or what ever the special occasion. 

We offer games at two of our venues which are situated in Sheffield, Wakefield and Brighouse

For more information on prices and availability please just click the link below of the venue of your choosing 




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